Coffee was definitely one of my first real loves. I first tasted coffee around the age of 7 and it made such an impression on me that it quickly started to rival my strong bond with Milo. Of course I wasn’t allowed to start drinking coffee until much later on but now its very much a part of my daily routine. I have also become a liiiiittle bit of a coffee snob, I make my morning coffee with ground beans in my own little stove top cafitiere and absolutely love trying out new recommended coffee spots! So, of course the Sydney Aroma Festival was the top selection in this Sunday’s Funday list!

Alas, waking up with a migraine was not on the list but it soon became the reality. One of the many annoying things that come with being a female also brings me occasional migraines and lucky for me my day off was when it decided to hit 😓 Anyway, 4 painstakingly long hours later I was feeling more myself and was ready to get caffeinated. Probably not the best way to recover after said migraine but hey, whos judging!?

For those of you that haven’t been to the Aroma Festival let me quickly sum it up for you. Tents, crowds, coffee. Waiting in queues for locoffee-sydneynger than 15 minutes is expected and average tasting coffee is also to be expected. In fairness I think some stalls were trying their best to bang out coffees as fast as humanly possible but at the same time this doesn’t really lead to AWESOME coffee.. ie. my first coffee of the festival, a very watery luke warm almond milk latte. But I have to admit the atmosphere of the whole thing is pretty darn cool though with live music from djs, coffee tastings and dessert stalls everywhere.

After devouring a bag of roasted chestnuts (picture not included due to immediate inhalation) I headed on over to the Double Roasters van hoping that my second attempt would be a winner. It was… albeit a very tiny winner, this soy latte was worth it! I also picked up some amazing dark chocolate from CICADA. This stuff is heavenly. Unlike other high percentage dark chocolates this one has no bitter taste but instead hints of red berries and caramel. It was the perfect way to end my day after a couple of pizzas (yes I ate a whole pizza) and some red wine 🙂