There are pros and cons to having false nails. The plus side being that if you are a naturally small nail bedded woman like myself, you can easily fake beautiful long and perfect nails but the downfall being that when they come off your natural nails are left resembling tissue paper. Not cute. I am one of those lasses that constantly depends on false nails to make my hands look mildly acceptable. My natural nails are teeny tiny (I actually remember once asking if Santa would give me new nails for Christmas! Ha ha, Santa why you no deliver!?) and now after having worn falsies for a good 5 years or so they’re completely ruined. When the lady opposite me tells me I need a new set is basically the only time I actually get a peek into what is going on with my natural nails and let me tell you, it’s frightening! This is usually when I decided enough is enough and I get them all removed completely.

Hidden Treasure

I am in one of those “bare” phases at the moment. Not having any competitions for the last few weeks means I can get away with having not-so-appealing hands and my little nails are loving it! The one thing that really grinds my gears though is that no nail polish wants to stick to my little friends for over 24 hours. I paint them and then have a shower or do some wifely duties (the dishes guys, heads out of the gutter c’mon!) and they are left all chipped and sad. I know that it’s my fault because I am the one with the thinnest nails known to man because of what I’ve done to them, but the other day I found some hidden treasure!

I was at my fave spot The Grounds of Alexandria, full of Soy Latte + their amazing Vegan burger and decided to have a little look at some of their market stalls. There was many-a-cutesy things in there ranging from candles to jewellery, to bath salts and handmade cards but the one thing that stole my heart was these stick on nail polishes. The lady at the stall was kind enough to demo the product on my infantile nail and I was SOLD! I think I have seen this product kicking around for a little while now but I had always thought they were just stickers and had no idea they were made from actual nail polish. Little bit late on the band wagon here but better late than never I guess!

Let me give you a basic rundown of how these bad boys work:

  • First you peel the nail polish tab off the sticker from the stem outwards and apply to clean, dry nails
  • You then hold down the tab onto each finger nail and press down firmly to make sure it’s secured to the whole nail
  • Take the nail file (included) and gently file in a downward motion along the end of your nail line. Keep filing along the nail until its easy enough to peel the remainder of the tab away
  • Then boom baby! You have yourself a super quick and easy, perfectly nail polished finger!
  • Put the remainder of the tab back on the sticker you peeled it from and then repeat the same process on the rest of your nails
  • Once you have stuck on each nail, finish off with a layer of clear Top Coat

I was so shocked at how quick and easy the process was and loved how professional they looked in the end. I bought two packets for $24 and I didn’t use the whole packet in one go. I actually have plenty left over for maybe another 3-4 applications. The real kicker for me was to see how they would go as time passed┬ábecause the lady at the stall told me they should last around 10 days. I really thought they would just peel off in a day or so, similar to any other nail polish but boy they showed me! They lasted me 5 days which I thought was pretty good considering the ill state of my nails. When they did eventually peel off they came off super easy with the help of the little stick they provided and did not damage my nails at all. DOUBLE BOOM! Overall, I was super happy with the product and not at all disappointed.

The brand I used is called Personail, click here for their website for those of you chickadees interested out there! Or you can check out their instagram page on @itspersonail. Otherwise I think some other shops like Priceline in Australia or Boots and Superdrug in the UK stock very similar products.

Give them a try for yourself and let me know how your experience is!

Love, Rachelle xx