This Sunday Funday post is a travel-ly based one as I’m currently in the UK! It’s Autumn here so I am uber jealous of all the warm weather I’m starting to see back in Oz, but alas I guess it gives me something to look forward to when I go home in a couple of weeks. It’s not often that Steve and I get a Sunday (or any day for that matter) off while we are in London so we thought rather than bimbling around the city like idiots we would make the most of the opportunity and go do something touristy. Stonehenge it was!

Whilst the thought of going to see one of the 7 wonders of the world did sound interesting to me, it wasn’t something I thought I would reeeeeally enjoy. But, I was wrong! I had a ripper of a day and I would highly recommend the trip to anyone to go and see it. I did envision a completely different set-up before getting there though and was surprised to see a huge car park and visitor centre and.. no stones. I literally thought we would drive right up to it, check out the rocks, say hey! that’s cool and then drive off for some lunch. This is not how it goes down people. There are ALOT of other folk that plan on seeing it too (they get over 1 million people a year) so expect queues and hustle and bustle. If you are planning on doing it, clear the day… or at least clear half the day!flower

For us, it was only a 1 and a half hour drive out of the city before we were there soaking up the vast, green landscape and fresh country air. We have a little hire car so we were lucky enough to drive but I did notice a bunch of buses there so if you don’t have a car, google the bus tour option! Tickets cost £16.50 which includes entry to a small exhibition located right next to the ticket desk. Here you can learn a little bit about who, what and why the stones are there and look at some old bones and relics of that era before you go off to see the stones and their surroundings.

With shitty English coffee in hand (they try, they really do, bless ’em) we ventured into the exhibition. This turned out to be a great decision as for the first time ever I learnt a little bit about Stonehenge! I learnt who made it, why they think it was created and yadda, yadda which gave me a better appreciation for the thing when I did actually get to see it in the flesh (or stone). If I hadn’t of gone into the exhibition I would have had no clue WTF I was looking at (Don’t judge me, judge my school! They never taught me anything about it!!). We then went and looked outside at some little huts they had recreated to mimic the ones the people who created Stonehenge, used to live in. Boy they must have been little fella’s because I fit in there perfectly and I’m only 160cm! Super spacious inside and the bed made out of sticks looked enviably comfortable.. But really, all jokes aside it was very interesting to see how the rich really lived in the 1900’s. Ha Ha ok, you got me again. It was interesting.

Something old mate at the ticket desk forgot to mention was that it’s a rather epic trek to get to the henge. The henge? The stones? The stones. The options are; waiting in a massively long queue to catch a bus or walking. So, because the weather was so dang good Steve and I decided to go head first into the unknown and walk there. Turns out its only about a 20-30 minute walk and the bonus of walking is that along the way you can check out some cool mounds/man-made hills that they created because………. aaaah I can’t remember. It was all speculation anyway whatever it was! Once we finally made it to Stonehenge I was bloody excited, the walk really ramps up the anticipation and crikey does she deliver! It was so ominous but beautiful and the way they have set up a little path to walk around it really allows you to soak it in from every angle. You aren’t allowed to go right up to the structure because… again, I can’t remember. I think it has something to do with the ground being unstable but don’t quote me on that. We took too many selfies (The Stonehenge really knows how to work a camera!), laid in the grass for a bit and then decided to head home. Perfect Sunday Funday 🙂

Here are a few piccies that I took with the help of my trusty selfie stick. Yes, I used to be a person who would take the piss out of people with selfie sticks and now I am a proud owner of one. They really are a genius creation, both me and Stonehenge were definitely grateful for it 🙂

Hope you enjoy xx