Howdy folks!

Long time no speak I know… but believe me, it wasn’t out of choice! Unfortunately about a month ago my poor little blog got infected with some nasty malware bug 🙁 Of course it had to bloody happen whilst I was away in the UK and of course it had to be the first time that I had travelled anywhere WITHOUT my laptop. It has taken a bit of time since I’ve gotten back for it to get fully cleared up but luckily all my silly posts are safe and we are back up and running!

So apologies to anyone who was redirected to a site claiming they had won a million iPhones or a trip to Bali because sadly like most things on the net these days, it was a scam. One good thing that this experience has taught me is that no matter how small you think your website is, security is paramount! I’ve now got my very own watchers on the Pink Suede Wall (terrrrrrible GoT pun there, sorry) and hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

Many sorries,

Rachelle xx