Hello you gorgeous thing, welcome to PINK SUEDE. I’m Rachelle (pronounced as Rachel, not Rochelle.. cheers for that Mum + Dad!) and I’m the 27 year old Aussie girl running this show, well trying to anyway!

I’m just your regular gal living in Sydney who has a strong love for coffee, travel, dance and plant-based foods and hopefully that is all reflected here in said blog 🙂

Competitive Ballroom Dancing or “Dancesport” as it’s called now, is not only my passion but it’s also my career and with it I am lucky enough to travel all over the world. What makes it even better though is that I get to do it all with my dance partner of 15 years and boyfriend of 12 years, Steve. Through the years Steve and I have worked our way up the ranks to become the current Australian Professional Ballroom champions. A title little 6 year old me could have never imagined achieving when I first started this journey.

 I decided to create PINK SUEDE to document and share the inspiration I get whilst travelling and also to give a few tips along the way on anything to do with dance, beauty and health. This blog is just a little sneak peek into my life and the things I love and I hope they excite you too!


email: rachelle.plaass@hotmail.com

twitter: @rachelle_plaass