This Sunday Funday post is a travel-ly based one as I’m currently in the UK! It’s Autumn here so I am uber jealous of all the warm weather I’m starting to see back in Oz, but alas I guess it gives me something to look forward to when I go home in a couple of weeks. It’s not often that Steve and I get a Sunday (or any day for that matter) off while we are in London so we thought rather than bimbling around the city like idiots we would make the most of the opportunity and go do something touristy. Stonehenge it was!

Whilst the thought of going to see one of the 7 wonders of the world did sound interesting to me, it wasn’t something I thought I would reeeeeally enjoy. But, I was wrong! I had a ripper of a day and I would highly recommend the trip to anyone to go and see it. I did envision a completely different set-up before getting there though and was surprised to see a huge car park and visitor centre and.. no stones. I literally thought we would drive right up to it, check out the rocks, say hey! that’s cool and then drive off for some lunch. This is not how it goes down people. There are ALOT of other folk that plan on seeing it too (they get over 1 million people a year) so expect queues and hustle and bustle. If you are planning on doing it, clear the day… or at least clear half the day!flower

For us, it was only a 1 and a half hour drive out of the city before we were there soaking up the vast, green landscape and fresh country air. We have a little hire car so we were lucky enough to drive but I did notice a bunch of buses there so if you don’t have a car, google the bus tour option! Tickets cost £16.50 which includes entry to a small exhibition located right next to the ticket desk. Here you can learn a little bit about who, what and why the stones are there and look at some old bones and relics of that era before you go off to see the stones and their surroundings.

With shitty English coffee in hand (they try, they really do, bless ’em) we ventured into the exhibition. This turned out to be a great decision as for the first time ever I learnt a little bit about Stonehenge! I learnt who made it, why they think it was created and yadda, yadda which gave me a better appreciation for the thing when I did actually get to see it in the flesh (or stone). If I hadn’t of gone into the exhibition I would have had no clue WTF I was looking at (Don’t judge me, judge my school! They never taught me anything about it!!). We then went and looked outside at some little huts they had recreated to mimic the ones the people who created Stonehenge, used to live in. Boy they must have been little fella’s because I fit in there perfectly and I’m only 160cm! Super spacious inside and the bed made out of sticks looked enviably comfortable.. But really, all jokes aside it was very interesting to see how the rich really lived in the 1900’s. Ha Ha ok, you got me again. It was interesting.

Something old mate at the ticket desk forgot to mention was that it’s a rather epic trek to get to the henge. The henge? The stones? The stones. The options are; waiting in a massively long queue to catch a bus or walking. So, because the weather was so dang good Steve and I decided to go head first into the unknown and walk there. Turns out its only about a 20-30 minute walk and the bonus of walking is that along the way you can check out some cool mounds/man-made hills that they created because………. aaaah I can’t remember. It was all speculation anyway whatever it was! Once we finally made it to Stonehenge I was bloody excited, the walk really ramps up the anticipation and crikey does she deliver! It was so ominous but beautiful and the way they have set up a little path to walk around it really allows you to soak it in from every angle. You aren’t allowed to go right up to the structure because… again, I can’t remember. I think it has something to do with the ground being unstable but don’t quote me on that. We took too many selfies (The Stonehenge really knows how to work a camera!), laid in the grass for a bit and then decided to head home. Perfect Sunday Funday 🙂

Here are a few piccies that I took with the help of my trusty selfie stick. Yes, I used to be a person who would take the piss out of people with selfie sticks and now I am a proud owner of one. They really are a genius creation, both me and Stonehenge were definitely grateful for it 🙂

Hope you enjoy xx


It’s been over a month since my last Sunday Funday post. This is not due to sheer laziness but actually because its been that dang long since I’ve had a proper day off! So needless to say, yesterday was definitely overdue. We spent the day traipsing around Sydney, taking it all in 🙂 My favourite kind of day. I also managed to collect a few goodies along the way which I will share below!

After a pretty lazy morning at home we managed to pull ourselves together and were in Pitt Street by about midday. First stop, food! I love the food court on the top floor of the Westfield and didn’t have to hint at Steve for long before we were up there downing some sushi. I had a cucumber pack and an avo pack, 2 little dreamboats of sushi goodness. Totally stuffed, we wandered around the Westfield for a bit until finally decided it was time to head out and get some good old Vitamin D.

sephora finds
Laura Mercier Powder and Bye, bye under-eye testers

It wasn’t long before I was back inside getting some advice from a girl at Sephora on a couple of products I had been eyeing off for a while. As a side note, Steve is actually the best shopping companion in the world because he will literally force you to buy something when you are in ‘humming and haa-ing’ mode. This is great for me because it is basically a state I am in every time I go shopping. So ladies, if you are looking for a shopping buddy, Steve is your go-to guy! I ended up leaving with the Laura Mercier loose setting powder (which is usually always out of stock so huzzar!) and a couple of testers of the bye, bye under eye anti-ageing concealer by IT Cosmetics (one of my girlfriends raves over this stuff so I had to give it a go). Sephora, done!

Inside Gumption by Coffee Alchemy

We then meandered over to the Strand Arcade to our favourite coffee shop in Sydney, Gumption by Coffee Alchemy. If you are a serious coffee lover then I suggest you stop whatever you are doing (uh, reading my blog?), fly, drive, or jet pack your way to Sydney and go to Gumption. The coffee there is AMAZING. I once had to go back for seconds because it’s that good. The coffee jitters that followed however, not so good. But alas, the queue at the front of the cute, little store says it all. Coffee in hand it was time to attack another one of our favourites, COS (Collection of Style) in Martin Place.

If you haven’t been to COS, it’s probably ‘cos (see what I did) its relatively new to Australia. It’s a fashion store run by H&M and I’ve been delving into their collection for a year or so now in London and a few times in Hong Kong. The styles are all very minimalist, modern but still classic. I love the pieces there because everything I have bought feels timeless and fashionable without being a ‘trend’. Also the quality of their garments is high but not over priced! I always feel Scandinavia knows how its done when it comes to clothing and COS just goes to show it! Having said all this though, nothing really grabbed me this trip except for a men’s scarf which I bought for Steve 🙂

If you haven’t been to Sydney before (what are you doing?!?) then let me tell you, it’s a bit of a trek getting from place to place. So best wear some comfy shoes. I luckily decided to change out of a pair of heeled boots into some sneakers before we left home because girl knows when your going to the city, some serious walking is going to be done (13,471 steps to be exact). These steps were accrued as we made our way to Darling Harbour where we enjoyed some more sunshine. It was there we decided to continue on to Chinatown and on our way Steve forced me to watch a street performance. I say forced because I absolutely hate street performances and today’s show really solidified that claim. In short it was a b-boy, who was really good at building up hype and then followed it with…. nothing. Nothing except a massive anti climax and also, not much break-dancing!? He had a grand total of 2 performances the first being “happy” and the second “serious”. We, along with half of the rest of the audience, bailed after the abysmal first show feeling rather un-happy.

korean beauty buys
Korean beauty buys from Morning Glory

Once we got to Chinatown, I had a little look around and picked up a few treats from Morning Glory. I’m a bit of a sucker for Korean Beauty products so I got a couple of face masks, 2 nude-ish nail polishes and a glittery ‘tear eye liner’ which I assume is for around your tear duct ( or maybe its meant for drawing on glitter-y tears? Stay tuned) All this only cost me $20, bargain shopping!

Totally knackered, or in Steve’s recollection “feeling under the weather”, we decided it was time to make an exit. Sunday Funday was finished at home with Falafel wraps, red wine and a bit of Downton Abbey (if you dare to tease me watch a few episodes for yourself, that show is off the chain!)

Thanks for reading 🙂

Love, Rachelle xx


Coffee was definitely one of my first real loves. I first tasted coffee around the age of 7 and it made such an impression on me that it quickly started to rival my strong bond with Milo. Of course I wasn’t allowed to start drinking coffee until much later on but now its very much a part of my daily routine. I have also become a liiiiittle bit of a coffee snob, I make my morning coffee with ground beans in my own little stove top cafitiere and absolutely love trying out new recommended coffee spots! So, of course the Sydney Aroma Festival was the top selection in this Sunday’s Funday list!

Alas, waking up with a migraine was not on the list but it soon became the reality. One of the many annoying things that come with being a female also brings me occasional migraines and lucky for me my day off was when it decided to hit 😓 Anyway, 4 painstakingly long hours later I was feeling more myself and was ready to get caffeinated. Probably not the best way to recover after said migraine but hey, whos judging!?

For those of you that haven’t been to the Aroma Festival let me quickly sum it up for you. Tents, crowds, coffee. Waiting in queues for locoffee-sydneynger than 15 minutes is expected and average tasting coffee is also to be expected. In fairness I think some stalls were trying their best to bang out coffees as fast as humanly possible but at the same time this doesn’t really lead to AWESOME coffee.. ie. my first coffee of the festival, a very watery luke warm almond milk latte. But I have to admit the atmosphere of the whole thing is pretty darn cool though with live music from djs, coffee tastings and dessert stalls everywhere.

After devouring a bag of roasted chestnuts (picture not included due to immediate inhalation) I headed on over to the Double Roasters van hoping that my second attempt would be a winner. It was… albeit a very tiny winner, this soy latte was worth it! I also picked up some amazing dark chocolate from CICADA. This stuff is heavenly. Unlike other high percentage dark chocolates this one has no bitter taste but instead hints of red berries and caramel. It was the perfect way to end my day after a couple of pizzas (yes I ate a whole pizza) and some red wine 🙂